Saturday, 14 March 2009

Green And Pleasant Land

This post contains photos from  locations  outside London .If you ever fancy a day out from the husle-and-bustle of London, you could do worse than going down to the lovely South  of England, especially the county of Sussex.
Both the picture at the top---of a scene from Rye--and the picture of Beachy Head, were taken by Eddie  Anderson, an old  friend of  mine.
You can view  more  of  Eddie's photos on his page:


Panny said...

Eddie's photo of Beachy Head is awesome!The one and only time I went there was on a primary school trip when I was a mere ten years old! Some forty three years ago!
Crikey was it that long ago???!!!
Oh dear!I feel really sad,blue & depressed now thinking about it!
Thanksalot 'alondonerobserves'!!! Come to think of it I always feel like this after reading your blogs!
In fact I've lost the will to live!
What are the locations of this & 'The Suicide Bridge' of your earlier blog I want to end it all!

Emm said...

Hiya, I don't think your RSS feeds are working. If I click on the link, it just brings up a "welcome to Feedburner post". I've been subscribed to you for a while now but the last RSS post I got for you in Google Reader was from last year.

Expat mum said...

I don't think I've ever seen anything like that lamp post and the tree/bush! Fab!

nightcabcontroller said...

I'm sorry to have abandoned this blog for so long.Defeats the object of having one in the first place!
I've been hooked on twitter for several months now, I've neglected everything else!
New posts are in the pipeline, and I hope to fix the RSS glitches.