Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all. Let us work towards a peaceful and harmonious 2009.
The past few weeks have been hectic and very demanding, that is why I have been “away from the keyboard” for a while; my new ambition (I shall not call it a resolution) is to become a prolific blogger this year. Having bought myself a new digital camera, I have also decided to take a lot of photographs of London.
I popped out to try and obtain a few snapshots, but today has been comprehensively grey and downcast, so I felt it would have been a waste of time.
However, I popped the old SD card into my new camera, and selected a picture which might cheer you up a bit more.
The photo of the gigantic table and chair were taken on Hampstead Heath about five or six years ago. Apparently, they are the work of an eccentric Italian artist whose name escapes me...You can imagine the size of the objects by comparing them to the full-sized trees in the background.
The installation was not left out there for long—as I recall, it was removed after a couple of weeks..Not very long, but such artefacts do tend to add to the gaeity of nations!!!

Random photos and Observations of London, as seen by a Londoner.


Hoo Don said...

Sounds like you will be spending a lot of blogging time this year at a smaller version of your photo. A slightly late Happy New Year from Thailand.

nightcabcontroller said...

Happy New Year...More photos and posts are on the way.....soon.

jean said...

Interesting photo. It's nice to see what people living in London see the city. Good luck with yoru "prolific blogger" ambition. :)

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